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Q: Hi can you give me some explanations about hashimoto disease I saw this in a magazine
A: It is an autoimmune disease in which the thyroid gland is gradually destroyed by a variety of cell- and antibody-mediated immune processes.
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Q: I am looking for a pregnancy magazine for my daughter who is five months she is getting very bored at home. I think that it will help the months go quicker.
A: Yes you are right try am sure that she will find the site very interesting .
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Q: Is there a type of pregnancy magazine with tips on pregnancy nutrition fitness and exercises?
A: Of course you can go to my best friend is also pregnant and she told me that the site was very good for pregnant women. She is due next month.
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Q: what are phylum kidney? I would love to know just read it in a magazine.
A: The kidneys eliminate the nitrogenous wastes of cellular metabolism as well as a variety of other materials that may be present in the blood in excess of the body's need
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Q: Through a magazine I saw people having arthritis headaches and they are without assistance.. is there any group for these king of person?
A: Headaches and arthritis are common problems that’s why there are lots of foundation which has been set up !
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Q: Are nascar results free online?
A: if you subscribe to a Sports magazine then it wouldn't turn out to be free.
A: Yeah you can read about the results for free.
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